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“My order just arrived!!  I love the eyeglass chains and I am sure I will be ordering again.  You have such a wonderful website which shows the beaded jewelry very nicely and the packaging is first class.”

Suzanne, SC

“From the day I got my Caramel eyeglass chain, I was getting compliments from my clients.  I wear it all the time and haven’t lost my glasses since!”

Irene, Canada

“Very pleased with my eyeglass chain.  I am glad I bought something original.”

Jennifer, MI

“I love all your eyeglass leashes, and I love to wear them, so I will certainly order more.”

Gloria, CA

“Your product is exceptional.”

Sandra, NM

“I use my eyeglass chain every day at work and it has made wearing reading glasses a pleasure.  It looks so rich and complements my wardrobe so nicely.”

Vicky, IL

“I love my two new beaded lanyards.  The pictures on the website are nice but the real lanyards are even nicer.  Thank you again.”

Yael, TX

“I am going to tell all my friends about your fabulous creations, and that they too can support Oprah’s Angel Network with their purchases.  Fantastic site!!”

Anjanette, IL

“You’re so sweet – thank you so much!  The eyeglass chains I picked for both myself & my sister looked wonderful and will go with everything!!”

Jennifer, CA

I love the lanyard and will purchase more.  The jewelry looks intriguing.”

Paulette, NV

“How exciting!  Since I received my lanyard badge holder, I have gotten numerous compliments and inquiries.  I have shared your website with my co-workers, and hope that they will be ordering too.”

Beth, CA

“I felt that the purchase was a very personal and unique item and was very pleased with the experience.  I would purchase from you again in the future.”

Joan, CA

“I bought a Venice choker for my niece’s birthday.  She absolutely loved it! It looks stunning on her.  Thank you Medalye Designs.”

Joan, MN

I received the two eyeglass holders yesterday.  They are both absolutely lovely.  Even more beautiful than anticipated.  Thank you so very much!”

Debora, IN

“I am in love with your designs, they make me feel good when I wear them.  Thank you.”

Jodi, AZ

“I just love my new beaded jewelry.  Absolutely beautiful and delicate designs.  I am so glad to have found you.  I honestly hope that people can see how beautiful your products are.”

Robyn, CA

“Beautiful product! I have recommended you to fellow employees.”

Kathleen, MD

“Each piece is just gorgeous!! I ordered 2 eyeglass chains and a choker set. It all turned out beautiful!! I cannot wait to give one of the eyeglass chains to my girlfriend for Christmas!!! Thank you.”

Sandy, CA

“I loooooooooove my Lava set… now I’m all decked out in designer jewelry. All the girls in the office are jealous…”

Lea, Canada

“I love wearing my Creativity eyeglass chain on vacations.  Everyone on the resort seems to notice how well they complement my sunglasses.”

Lora, Canada

“I will certainly order from you again!”

Norma, MO

“The Eyeglass Chain arrived today and it is beautiful, and so well made.  I appreciate how excellent your service was, as well as how excellent you make your products.  Thanks so much.”

Mark, IL

“Your eyeglass chain is like a piece of jewelry. Much nicer than the less expensive chains, and nicer than the more expensive chains in the high end department stores.”

Ann, NY

“Thank you very much!  I will highly recommend your designs to all my eyeglass-wearing friends.

Patricia, MS

“All of us here in the studio want to thank you for your support!  If in the future we need more eyeglass chains, we will not hesitate to contact you.”

Mary, NY, Assistant Costume Designer "Wicked

“I received my eyeglass holder two days ago and I’m very happy with it.  Thank you for your beautiful designs.”

Anita, CA

I like my eyeglass holder.  It is very pretty and lightweight.  All of your designs are pretty, it is hard to choose favorites!”

Anita, CA

“I really appreciate the fast response.  I will definitely recommend this site to my friends and I plan on buying here in the future.  Thanks again!”

Sarah, FL

“I am very impressed.  I have a few other eyeglass necklaces but yours is the most beautiful.  The web picture doesn’t do it justice!  And the matching earrings are perfect.  I can see myself ordering from you again.  Thanks for a lovely product!”

Beatrice, NJ

“Thanks for your great products.  I have gotten many compliments.”

Jeannine, MT

“Thanks so much for your beautiful work and presentation.  Most people do not take the loving time to do what you did.”

Gillian, TN

“Your eyeglass necklaces are all beautiful by the way. I spent an hour trying to select just the one I liked the best!”

Julia, VA

“I am happy with your product quality and with the beauty and uniqueness of the eyeglass necklaces.”

Shirley, MD

“The eyeglass holders are every bit as stunning and unique as I pictured them to be.  Thanks so much for a smooth transaction as well as for creating an excellent and useful product.”

Linda, NY

Dear Jacqueline, I have to write to you and tell you how amazing your designs are.  I just spent several days combing the Internet looking for a beaded lanyard for my wife.  I must admit that yours are truly the best I have seen.  I know she will love it and that it will be admired at her workplace.”

Keith, OH

“I just wanted to tell you that I received so many compliments on my lanyard.  It is really beautiful and unique.  My best friend likes it so much that I decided to get her one of her own (in a different design, of course!) for her birthday.”

Michele, NY

“They arrived today!  I now own 6 gorgeous eyeglass holders.  I get so many compliments on them.  Till next time….”

Linda, NY

“I received my lanyard today.  I love it!  I will recommend to everyone to visit your site.  Thank you.”

Ann, NC

“Received my eyeglass chains and they are so beautiful.  Thank you so much.  They are way prettier and nicer than I expected.”

Scarlet, CA

“Just a quick note to thank you for the lovely eyeglass chains I received from you today.  They are just beautiful!!”

Janice, WA

“I received the eyeglass chain Thursday and it was beautiful.  My wife loved it.  Thanks for your helpfulness.”

Gerald, FL

“The product was beautifully packaged!”


“I adore the eyeglass chains I ordered.  Such beauty!!  I applaud your quality and designs.”

Shari, OK

“This was a gift from my wife to her mother.  Her mother, who is not always easily impressed, was very PLEASED!  My wife wanted me to make sure that we sent you a heartfelt thanks for the beautiful work you do.”

Duane, TN

“Dear Medalye Designs.  I get so so so many compliments on these eyeglass leashes.  I just love them.  Best wishes and many thanks.”

Gloria, CA

“Your eyeglass chains are gorgeous.  It took me the longest time to pick out just one.  I know over time I will buy several.”

Sallye, MA

“Received it today!  It’s beautiful!”

Lori, FL

“The lanyard really is better in person… I get compliments daily… it coordinates with more outfits than I expected and I’m very pleased!  Thanks for such a beautiful creation for my security badge, which used to be a ‘not so pretty’ accessory to have to wear.  Your lanyard makes me actually remember to put it on every day!”


“I purchased the lanyards as gifts for my co-workers. They absolutely loved them! They will be repeat customers.”

Kendra, CA

“The quality is better than I expected and I will definitely order again!”

Vickie, GA

“Great web site!  I particularly like the size calculator so there is no guessing on what size chain to order!”

Connie, WA

“My Forever Classic eyeglass chain arrived today.  It is so beautiful!  I have looked everywhere and couldn’t find a decorative eyeglass chain.  I love the ones you have.  I would like to add a few more of your lovely eyeglass chains to my wardrobe!”

Rheba, TX

“I was looking for an eyeglass chain that is both beautiful and in my colors.  My search ended when I found your site.”

Vera, Canada

“Your lanyards are the prettiest I’ve seen!”

Helen, VA

Thank you!  The girls at work love your lanyards.  I’ve given a few as gifts and they have received many compliments.”

Michelle, GA

“My sister just loved what I got her!!!”

Diane, MD

“I love my lanyard.  It was exactly what I wanted.  The colors are beautiful and the craft work is outstanding.  I have gotten many compliments on it and would recommend your website to anyone looking for lanyards or jewelry.”

Donna, AL