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Work is an important and inevitable part of life. Flattering and comfortable office wear is essential. What you wear greatly affects how you feel about yourself and how you are perceived. For most women, dressing well is also a source of enjoyment and recognition. Yet when it comes to carrying badges, many women opt for the default ‘shoe lace’, at times unpleasantly contrasting their professional attire. At Medalye Designs we believe that security card badges offer women the perfect opportunity to make a subtle fashion statement. Office fashion generally falls into one of three categories: executive, artistic, and casual. Beaded lanyards, too, fall into these categories. Executive wear is best worn with an equally conservative lanyard. Artistic outfits are more expressive with artistic lanyards. And casual wear can be dressed up a notch with a suitable gentle lanyard.

Executive wear is seen in upper-level management, law, accounting, banking, finance, and corporate sales. These positions call for a look that is serious, confident, and knowledgeable. Clothing that is suitable for executive women includes suits, cashmere woollen sets, pressed shirts, and dress pants. Typically, executive fashion centers around primary and dark color themes such as navy, black, grey, and white. Beaded lanyards best complement such attire with clean lines, simple beads, and rich colors. Most notably are pearls, pearlized beads, clear glass beads, lustre finishes, ovals, rounds, and faceted crystal. Medalye Design’s Forever Classic beaded lanyard is but one example of a dark classic design that would impeccably complete a black or white suit.

Artistic careers call for an ‘a la mode’ approach to wardrobe selection . They offer the most freedom for creative fashion. Women working in professions such as advertising, publishing, performing arts, fashion consulting, and interior design fall into this category. Such professions require apparel that gives a creative and fun impression. Typically, artistic wardrobes include bright colors such as red, turquoise, purple and the ‘hot’ color of the day. Likewise, beaded lanyards offer a perfect avenue to add creative flair and uniqueness to their already expressive fashion. Lanyard styles in this category come in bright colors and interesting shapes arranged in unexpected combinations. Common attributes are geometric beads, hand painted beads, lampwork, and unique shapes. Medalye Design’s Anastasia exposes hand-painted sphere beads in intricate designs. Vibrant colors and sparkling pearls add the opulence of an 18th century painting. Another style, Neverland, combines pixie colors with unusual ovals to produce an effect that strikes the imagination.

Lastly, casual occupations call for attire that is simple, comfortable, and down to earth. Women working in education, health, customer service, and administration will often find casual wear appropriate. These positions require apparel which portray friendliness and openness. Such fashion usually comes in neutral soft colors such as beige, cream, soft black, pearl white, soft grey, and light pastels. Such colors come in a variety of non-imposing fabric textures such as wool, kaki, cotton, and jean. Common characteristics in casual beaded lanyards are matte textures, neutral colors, natural shapes, and delicate combinations. Medalye Design’s Desire is made of pastel shell beads with natural shapes and a relaxed finish. Athena’s natural color and simple finish put a faint yet pleasant touch to everyday casual wear.


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