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Golden Hollywood for the Holidays

In a few weeks, it will be time for the beloved winter holidays. This winter, Hollywood glam is back in style. According to Marie Claire magazine, this holiday is “a throwback to the days of Grace Kelly, Greta Garbo, and every major iconic actress from the past. Everything glamorous is in style this winter — luxurious fur stoles, very high heels and, of course, diamonds.”

Vintage Hollywood styles are characterized by romantic cuts which accentuate the female waist line. Hollywood glamour styles include pencil skirts, fitted silhouettes, small waist lines, princess line cuts, fur stoles, collars and cuffs, ruffled chiffon, silk scarf ties, a touch of leopard, plunge dresses and very high heels. Glam fabrics include fur, velvet, delicate lace weaves, and shimmering satin. Hollywood glam features girlish colors such as rose pink, peach, mauve and soft cream. For the holidays a popular mixture of wine, burgundy, green and gold was also shown on the runways.

The best accessories for the Hollywood glamour look are sparkling jewels. The 1940s movie star look was usually finished with shinning diamond or luxe pearl jewelry. Today this look can be accomplished with fine quality costume jewelry. Crystal beads, luster beads, and fire polished beads offer a luminescence that will harmonize with the Hollywood Glamour look. Complementing shapes include faceted bead cuts, diamonds, bi-cones, romantic ovals, and round beads. When selecting beaded jewelry, look for light lavish colors or rich dark colors. Cream, mauve, and peach are excellent colors for light outfits with a glamorous flair. For darker outfits choose gold, burgundy, wine, and emerald accessories. The multi-layered dangling beaded necklace will polish a Hollywood glam outfit. Any beaded jewelry that has an expensive, glittering, extravagant, and feminine appearance would balance a Hollywood glamour outfit.

The current Medalye Designs collection offers various pieces which are ideal for glamorous attire. Glamour is an especially appropriate style that was inspired by 1940s Hollywood films. It combines iridescent fire polished peach cream ovals with classical white pearls and galvanized gold beads. Glamour is an ideal finish for any vintage Hollywood outfit in a light shade. An eyeglass necklace or lanyard in the Glamour style would be an excellent choice for office wear of stunning Hollywood quality. Icicles would be a brilliant choice for darker outfits. In this design, soft mauve fire polished ovals are combined with antique silver beads – a combination which has a rich vintage appeal. Icicles is an ideal choice for eyeglass wearers who want an eyeglass chain to match a subtle glamorous look. Burgundy, emerald, and gold are popular colors this holiday season. Harmony is a fire polished design with a light luminescent emerald diamond shields, Venetian gold beads, and luster burgundy accents.


Happy Holidays,
Medalye Designs

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