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Fashion Fusion

This spring’s collections show a mix of cultural fashions from around the world. According to Bloomsberry International, Spring 2005 was an exotic exchange of worldly attitudes which took fashion on a fantastic journey from South Asia, via the Mediterranean, and on to Africa. The principal styles this Spring are the Luxe Boho look, the Grecian Goddess, and African Safari Chic.

The Luxe Boho look is a revival of hippy styles from the 1960s. This style is young, free, and fun! Boho fashion has a gypsy flower-power appeal and is dominated by flowing styles and fabrics. Typical cuts include tunic tops, flared jeans, and flowing peasant dresses. Fabrics of Boho fashion include paisley florals, silk, embroidery, beadwork, and patchwork. Gypsy jewelry designs go well with a bohemian look. Natural materials such as stone, shell, wood, and bone beads are a great asset. The New Horizons style in our catalog is an excellent example of an accessory made to suit Boho attire. New Horizons is made of natural tiger eye stones and bone speckled medium seed beads. Earth coloring combined with youthful simplicity gives the desired look. A chunky New Horizons choker, or other accessories made in this style, are a great asset to a bohemian outfit.

Spring fashion also saw the revival of the Ancient Greek Goddess. Modern Grecian fashion took ancient Troy vogue to create modern togas. The Greek Goddess form is raw, plain, natural, monotone, and flowing. Grecian clothing is simple with plain garlands of knotted cotton or silk – creating a flowing fabric cover over the body. Calvin Kline and Roberto Cavalli showed wrapped Grecian dresses in monotone pastel colors such as pink, cream, light teal, white, mauve, and taupe. Jewelry in monochromatic styles and colors blends perfectly with the Grecian look. Beaded jewelry made of matte beads in the simple shapes of circles, squares, or rectangles, is an excellent choice for this type of attire. Prestige, accented with rectangles, is made of monochromatic matte pastel silver beads in a delicate understated pattern. Twisted marble-like pearls make Prestige a fine addition to a spring toga.

Spring’s African Safari apparel dominated the collections of most fashion houses including those of Jean Paul Gautier and Versace. Safari fashion is light, sporty, and clean. It boasts clean lines and sharp cuts in matte cotton fabrics. The colors reflect those of the Savanna such as khaki, cream, and sand. Tribal colors and styles, influenced by native fashion, are a great choice for jewelry. Creative patterns of zebra, cheetah, leopard, and giraffe would be ideal. Cleopatra was inspired by the ancient North African queen and is a wonderful Safari match. Cleopatra’s black and white seed beads provide the desired ethnic accent. Matte gold beads offer a natural touch. And bone-shaped raw brass beads match traditional Safari colors and textures.


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