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Epochs of History

The fall collections of 2005 took a turn towards the past and brought back elements of historical fashion trends from decades ago. The dominant colors that adorned the runways were traditional for the season with blacks, whites, browns, and grays. Cuts, trimmings, and accessories emphasized historical elements from as far back as Imperial Russia, Edwardian England, and the vibrant 60s of America.

This season the Imperial Russian style, accented with a modern twist, has become the most outstanding trend in the fashion houses of Prada, Oscar de la Renta, and Giorgio Armani. The ostentatious Russian look incorporates traditional fur trimmings, golden lavish embroidery, opulent floral prints, and decorative detailed trimmings. This style and period of Anna Karenina and Napoleon Bonaparte are characterized by rich fabrics and sharp colors. Outfits make substantial use of velvet, silk, and satin while the predominant colors are burgundy, black, white, forest green, and navy. Beaded jewelry can add a richness to an outfit. A complementary accessory should have intricate detailing in the beads, rich coloring, and carved metal accent. Lines should be distinct and colors should contrast for a rich effect. Look for cloisonné beads, luster finished beads, or Bali silver and Vermeil beads. Empress is an example of a beaded lanyard accessory that would match an Imperial Russian attire. The dominant cloisonné beads have a floral pattern outlined distinctly by gold. The coloring of the beads is a rich dark green which contrasts the inner delicate flower. The seed beads, in this style, introduce a uniform matt texture that enhances the opulence of the dominant beads.

Edwardian English fashion takes us back to the turn of the 20th century. This fashion style is characterized by high laced collars, frilled accents, floor grazing skirts, and laced boots. When choosing beaded jewelry for this style, elect classical beads that complement lace well. Such beads are pearls, cameos, and faceted shapes. Coloring should stay soft, innocent, and feminine. Examples of soft colors are soft pink, rose, pearl white, cream, mauve, light green, and powder blue. The Water Lily design is dainty and would well suit Edwardian fashion. The design incorporates faceted pearl beads interpolated with luster soft green and stain rose beads. It is an excellent choice for an Edwardian beaded eyeglass chain.

Finally, the 1960s have been revived in the fall collections of Dolce Gabbana and Christian Dior. This style is characterized by geometric cuts, balloon tops, high boots, geometric patterns, and vibrant Andy Warhol colors. The mainstream look of the 1960s brings back memories of ladies like Jacqueline Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn. When choosing beaded jewelry in this style, look for geometric shapes and primary colors. The Creativity design is a fun modern piece that is comprised of circles, squares, and lines. The deep purple of the beads reflects rainbow colors under bright light. The connecting bugle beads give this pattern an interesting allure and a definite 60s edge that is perfect for a eyeglass holder.


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