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Opulence, femininity, and craftsmanship resonate in our beaded eyeglass chains (also known as beaded eyeglass leashes),beaded eyeglass holders (also known as beaded eyeglass necklaces), and beaded lanyards (also known as bead lanyards, beaded badge holders, and cell phone lanyards). All items are handmade of the highest quality glass, metal, and semi-precious stones strung on a premium stainless steel beading wire. We also offer a free custom length on every item! Get your stylish new beaded eyeglass chain, beaded eyeglass holder, or beaded lanyard today!

Eyeglass Chain Options

Beaded eyeglass chains (eyeglass leashes) are available in a variety of lengths with your choice of clear silicone grips or alligator clips

Eyeglass Holder Options

Beaded eyeglass holders (eyeglass necklaces) come in a variety of lengths with your choice of 1/2″ or 1″ rings

Beaded Lanyard Options

Beaded lanyards (beaded badge holders or cell phone lanyards) come in a variety of lengths with your choice of retractable reel, snap hook, badge clip, or cell phone strap

About Beaded Eyeglass Chains

Admirable handmade eyeglass chains make a stylish and complimentary accessory for eyeglasses and sunglasses. Fastened on the frame’s temples, they allow you to slip your glasses on and off frequently and easily throughout the day. Why store away your glasses? An eyeglass chain allows you to have them around when you need them. Say farewell to the old shoe string and pick up a gorgeous new eyeglass chain.

About Beaded Eyeglass Holders

Elegant handmade beaded eyeglass holders (also known as eyeglass necklaces) are indeed necklaces with the added functionality of carrying glasses. A beautiful ring is proficiently made part of the eyeglass holder and is thin enough to carry your eyeglasses or sunglasses by their hinges. Eyeglass necklaces are the perfect accessory if you need to have your glasses on hand at all times. Add fun to your eyeglass carrying chore with animal eyeglass holders.

About Beaded Lanyards

All you need to complete that professional coordinated look is an exquisite handmade beaded lanyard (also known as bead lanyard or badge necklace). Choose your style – romantic, natural, classic, or dramatic. Beaded lanyards come with an array of attachments: retractable reel, snap hook, or badge clip. These allow you to carry an ID badge, security card, or keys with a distinctive flair. Our latest addition to the bead lanyard collection is the beaded cell phone lanyard. A terrific product for today’s women on-the-go. Also an excellent choice for a corporate gift.

About Beaded Chokers

At the office, dinner engagement, or party, sparkling handmade chokers are the way to get attention. Two and three layer choker necklaces are made of the finest beads in most attractive designs. Just the right kind of jewelry for non-stop compliments!

About Beaded Earrings

Dainty handmade earrings are a must in any jewelry set. Luckily we have matching earrings for every accessory in the store. From the majestic Empress to the mystical Cold Fire, these colorful earrings are delicate and flattering.

About Beaded Necklaces

A classic handmade necklace is a charming way to complete your attire for any occasion. A variety of colors and a little bit of shine make them an easy choice for dressing up an outfit. A necklace must be chosen carefully as it brings together your apparel and other wearable accessories.

Comments From Our Customers

“The beaded lanyard really is better in person… I get compliments daily… it coordinates with more outfits than I expected and I’m very pleased! Thanks for such a beautiful creation for my security badge, which used to be a ‘not so pretty’ accessory to have to wear. Your beaded lanyard makes me actually remember to put it on every day!”

“Your eyeglass chain is like a piece of jewelry.”

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